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Joey Remenyi - Vertigo specialists Geelong

Joey Remenyi - Vestibular Audiologist & Mindfulness Educator

Over the years, Joey has built an enviable reputation within the community as the person who has helped thousands of people to overcome their dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness, nausea or tinnitus. With qualifications in vestibular audiology and various mindfulness therapies, as well as being a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, Joey uses her knowledge, skills and innate talents to help you feel balance in your daily life.

Joey offers

  • Vestibular rehabilitation: customised (gentle) programs for improving your balance
  • Audiology management: hearing, balance and tinnitus specific support
  • Education: mindfulness in your daily life… learn to enjoy your body (and mind) again.
  • Mentoring "1:1 Miracle Sessions": feeling stuck? Joey has that intuitive knack to get you back in balance.


Tele-Health! If you live far away I've got you covered- try a Skype/Web or phone session. (Many people prefer this option.)
* I can support YOU from anywhere, in the comfort of your home
*You get personal audio recordings (made in our session) sent to you on email as well as your written home info and exercises. Your balance tool kit will arrive in your inbox and built upon after each session.

Who may benefit

People with:

  • All types of dizziness or vertigo;
  • Unsteadiness or imbalance;
  • Reduced concentration or 'fuzziness';
  • Sensory distortion, motion sickness or nausea;
  • Tinnitus (or sounds in the ears);

Get support to rewire your balance pathways and feel support from under your feet!

Also Consider Mindfulness Mentoring

"1:1 Miracle Sessions" have helped people with:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Improved Sleep
  • Vastly Reduced Chronic Pain
  • Making Friends with Anxiety

What to expect from Seeking Balance appointments:

  • Improved understanding of your balance and symptoms.
  • To learn strategies and support tools for your condition.
  • To move from "I hate this, I can't live like this"…. to "I get it now, I feel confident and prepared"
  • Support and guidance (via audio recordings and written info) customised specific for you.
  • An action plan aimed to help you reach your full potential and relax into life.

You can get through this. We will help you get there.

Appointment costs

"I cannot recommend Joey highly or vigorously enough." Catherine Deveny, Author (Melbourne)

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