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Marion Cole - Physiotherapist

Marion (Mazz) Cole graduated from Latrobe University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and has since developed a special interest and expertise in the treatment of spinal, neck and TMJ (jaw) pain.

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Following graduation, she spent two years working in London, furthering her physiotherapy experience, before returning to Australia and beginning a twenty-year stint in private practise, working predominantly with neck and back pain patients.

Marion completed her Masters in Manipulative/Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2000, refining her already profound diagnostic techniques and handling skills. She has a real passion for physiotherapy and firmly believes that hands-on physiotherapy, complimented by a specific exercise programme, provides the best outcome for her patients.

Refined hands-on techniques and a thorough explanation of a patient's condition are a large part of Marion's treatments.

What is TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) or Jaw pain?

Many of Marion's clients suffer from TMJ pain, so here is a short explanation about this debilitating condition and how she helps her clients return to wellness and optimal health.

The TMJ is located directly in front of the inner ear and below your temple. All of us use the TMJ many times during the day, for example when we talk, yawn, eat, drink or chew. However once injured, treatment of the TMJ requires very specific and refined techniques, performed by a trained physiotherapist in this field.

Pain and tenderness in the TMJ is called Temporomandibular Dysfunction, or TMD. This can be caused by the disc in the TMJ moving incorrectly in the joint or tightness in the surrounding musculature. Pain may be located in the ear, face, teeth, head or jaw itself and popping, clicking or locking of the jaw are signs of TMD. Neck pain and headaches are also almost invariably associated with TMD.

The causes of TMD are many and varied, including poor posture, stress and tension leading to jaw clenching and grinding, a prolonged dental procedure or a blow to the face.

Marion is an experienced physiotherapist, highly trained in the treatment of TMD and focusses her extensive skills on treating this painful condition, as well as in helping to resolve back and neck pain in her clients. In the case of TMJ, she uses specific hands-on techniques to relax the jaw muscles and treat the joint itself.

Exercises and self-management advice are an important part of the treatment package offered by Marion at Mandala Wellness.

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